Eye Treatments

Eyebrow Shape £10.00
Eyebrow Shape and Tint £16.00
Eyelash Tint (Patch test required) £10.00
Eyebrow Tint (Patch test required) £8.00
Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint (Patch test required) £16.00

Lash perfect Classic Eyelash Extensions

Our semi permanent eyelashes are a single false lash individually attached to your own lash. These lashes look very natural & can last up to 2 months with regular maintenance every 2-3 weeks.

Full Set £69.00
Half Set £39.00
Maintenance 60 minutes £39.00
Maintenance 45 minutes £34.00
Maintenance 30 minutes £29.00
Corner Flicks £29.00
Corner Flicks Maintenance £15.00
Eyelash Removal £10-£20

Weekend Lashes

Cluster lashes that can last up to 1 week. Choose your desired length and thickness.

Full Set £20.00
Half Set £10.00
Weekend Lash Removal £5.00

LVL Lashes

Lvl is a ground breaking technique designed to give clients longer-looking lashes without the need for lash extensions. The treatment involves lifting, rather than curling the lash and is followed with a tint. This creates the illusion of longer thicker lashes. Lasting up to 6 weeks. (Patch test required)


Lash perfect Russian volume eyelash extensions

Our Russian volume eyelash extensions are achieved when our lash artist takes multiple lashes (up to 4) and uses them to create fans which are then attached to one natural lash. These lashes are delicate, light and thin so do not weigh down the natural lashes but create a more fuller natural look. Initial treatment time is 3 hours.

Full Set £95.00
Maintenance 90 mins £65.00
Maintenance 60 mins £55.00
Eyelash removal £10 - £20

High Definition Brows

This treatment is a high precision procedure which consists of 7 unique steps including tinting, waxing & threading to beautifully sculpt your brows into their perfect shape, enhancing your facial features. (Patch test required)